#847 The Hitcher (1986)

’My mother told me never to do this’, utters the youngster transporting a car through the desert as he opens his car door for the serial killer, inviting him in on the front seat. Thus begins The Hitcher, a notorious cult classic that is probably to blame for the end of the hitchhiking culture.

Rutger Hauer makes for one of the most chilling villains ever and does it all in such an effortless yet effective fashion it’s downright impossible to fathom The Hitcher without him. Mostly likeable but often hit and miss C. Thomas Howell also fares well here as the young kid who gets more than he bargained for by just happening to pick up the wrong guy.

Underrated and a box office flop The Hitcher later rightfully gained a cult status and shouldn’t be confused with its subpar 2007 remake of the same name.

80s-o-meter: 94%

Total: 92%