#848 Fat Man and Little Boy aka Shadow Makers (1989)

An awkwardly named Fat Man and Little Boy tells the story of the WW2 era scientists working in Manhattan Project, initialised to realise and build the world’s first atomic bomb.

It’s a tremendously well made movie with elements of the world’s brightest men working towards the common goal while battling against the tight schedule, technical breakthroughs, issues of personal life and perhaps the most interestingly, their conscience. It does make a few liberties with some historical details, but all for the benefit to the story and the end result is an interesting and suspenseful glimpse behind the events that changed the world as we know it overnight and kept me glued to the screen until the end credits rolled.

Despite the A-list actors, the big audience failed to discover Fat Man and Little Boy, which ended up a box office flop and led to the movie to be later introduced to other markets as Shadow Makers.

80s-o-meter: 68%

Total: 93%