#479 Halloween 2016: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 – Dream Warriors (1987)

Dream Warriors is often dubbed as the best sequel to the series, but now – after viewing them all – I can’t help but to disagree. Where the previous two movies felt fresh, The Dream Warriors mixes in very generic elements like mental hospitals, religious mumbo jumbo and disappearing nuns and throws away most of the simple, working elements from the previous films.
This time around the agonised youth is locked in a mental institute where they form a Dream Warrior team and actually try to get to sleep to beat Freddy. It plays out pretty much as childish as it sounds, and with this dreamland Goonies theme the target age group seems to have slipped from 13+ all the way to eight.

Although the overall production values are amped up, the video edit and stop motion techniques have aged badly compared to the simple but working puppetry and camera tricks seen in previous movies. The kills still work, and the overall mood is there but with this poorly focused second sequel the franchise does seem to get a little old.

The third Freddy movie doesn’t rely on the simple, working elements of the previous movies, and A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 ends up quite lukewarm and generic


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