#480 Halloween 2016: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 – The Dream Master (1988)

No matter what the movie is actually like. by the third sequel the stigma of being that ’just another sequel’ really starts to set in – and usually makes it challenging to watch the movie with just a face value. With that in mind, let’s dive into Elm Street part 4, directed by a fellow finn Renny Harlin.

Harlin’s directorial take of the franchise is flashy and at times almost music video like, in a true tradition of the eighties generation MTV. Effects are top notch and a step up from the previous movie.

The take is funny with obvious humoristic elements scattered throughout the movie, but on the other hand also without depth or substance. The seemingly quickly hacked up plot is a mere the necessity to move from a imaginative kill to another and Freddy’s lines throughout the movie consist mainly of just various kinds of wisecracks.

Freddy movies were never scary movies in a traditional sense and The Dream Master takes the franchise even further away from pure horror, and towards the main stream dark tongue-in-cheek adventure. Three sequels for one movie is already obviously too much, but Harlin’s decision of not even bothering to explain everything but just have a good time actually translates well to the silver screen.

Ultimately The Dream Master is much more entertaining than its predecessor The Dream Warriors, and remains the second best sequel of the series.

The Dream Master may have the depth of a long music video, but it does the best out of what the series has left at this point and makes an entertaining 90 minutes out of it


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