#6 Tomboy (1985)

In short: Betsy Russell plays a girl mechanic everyone calls a Tomboy.

I was expecting a drama comedy about girl who has to face a society fixated on traditional gender roles and her fighting against the prejudice.


It pretty soon becomes clear this movie exists to show a few pair of tits. Not to say that this is entirely a bad thing – they are generally pretty nice tits. The movie itself is pretty clumsy, the actors struggle, cuts don’t seem to match an so on. Russell is the most natural one of the cast, but she’s hopelessly unconvincing as a world’s greatest master mechanic. In the middle of the movie there’s a scene with a party and all of a sudden everyone seems to be naked.

It’s a pretty odd experience all in all, this one.

The movie is made in 1985, but the format resembles crazy comedies of early eighties with lots of naked skin and no actual plot to speak of. It’s a comedy, but delivers no laughs and as such it feels more like lighthearted drama.

80s-o-meter: 85%

Total: 45%


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