#5 Full Moon High (1981)

Like the t-shirt in the poster suggests, Full Moon High is a werewolf movie based on the campy 50s I Was a Teenage Werewolf teen flick, and a some kind of parody at that.

Not having seen the original movie, the parody part escapes me, but otherwise Full Moon High is kind of a crazy comedy done in the vein of Airplane. There are a few small chuckles to be had, but the writing is nowhere sharp enough to warrant all the nonsense we’re seeing on the screen.

The comedic concept of Full Moon High was picked up again four years later with pretty much the same, uninspired concept in perhaps even more mediocre, but more commercially succesful Teen Wolf. People’s fascination with werewolves has always totally escaped me, and Full Moon High nothing but strengthens my opinion at the subject.

80s-o-meter: 55%

Total: 58%


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