#1524 Oxford Blues (1984)

A British movie, sure – but with Rob Lowe and Ally Sherry (of The Breakfast Club fame) flown to the cold and drafty England. Aaand that where most of the good news end.

The rest of the film is exactly what you’d expect from a title from UK, and it’s only Lowe’s natural movie star quality that keeps movie afloat, and only barely so as he is mostly focused just on looking all cutesy. The manuscript that doesn’t give him anything more to work with is partly to blame here, as pretty much all of the characters in the script come across unlikable and mostly obnoxious.

Oxford Blues is a weak drama, topped with a layer of romantic comedy devoid of laughs and chemistry. It’s strongest suite is in the sports, but even there it fails to sell the idea in a convincing manner.

80s-o-meter: 45%

Total: 19%