#828 Power (1986)

Directed by Sidney Lumet who struck gold with his 1976 movie Network that successfully exposed the cynical world behind the news media, Power aims to do the very same for the political candidates and their spin doctors.

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a tame concept, especially from today’s perspective. The basic behind the political scenes approach isn’t really enough to impress the audience, but the movie keeps on relying on this aspect nonetheless. The movie tries to sell its political behind the scenes machination as somehow cunning or witty, without being neither.

Just check out the parts where they tweak the TV spots and tell me I’m wrong.

Being a seasoned director, Lumet has included some good cinematic elements, like the lead character’s constant energetic drumming bits between the scenes, that finally fade out towards the end. But outside those few small insights, Power unfortunately misses its target.

80s-o-meter: 72%

Total: 58%