#80 Not of This Earth (1988)

Reviewing B-grade movies is not maybe the easiest of tasks. They’re clumsy, amateurish and in many cases outright inane. But some of them do have the underdog mentality which makes you root for them, like you would a jamaican bobsled team.

Not of This Earth starring the controversial porn star Traci Lords is not a good movie by any standard. It has that certain cheapness written all over it: Bad acting, cheap effects, boom mics and crew visible in shots. The script is dumb and dialogue sucks and all in all it haas that feel of a cheap porn movie, but without the actual sex scenes.

Therefore it’s a big surprise the movie manages to entertain. Why, I have no clue – it just does.

That’s just the way underdogs are sometimes.

80s-o-meter: 66%

Total: 61%


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