#785 Second Sight (1989)

Second Sight is the name of a detective company where a psychic and two of his co-workers try to solve some petty little crimes together. The movie follows the same pattern throughout: An eccentric psychic gets (somewhat violent) fits, tackles people to the ground and causes all sorts of embarrassing havoc. His assistant documents the events and carefully explains the behaviour to the viewer, while the head of the agency follows the duo, constantly rolling his eyes, irritated and embarrassed by the events.

Second Sight is not a strong comedy to begin with, but really ends up completely butchered by the irritating lead character. Bronson Pinchot (of Beverly Hills Cop fame) tries to do his very best Eddie Murphy imitation to make his eccentric character work, but fails in such a painful way the end result is cringeworthy to watch.

Truth be told, the character is so poorly written that even Murphy’s comedic chops couldn’t have saved this trainwreck.

John Larroquette and Stuart Pankin as the co-workers in the agency actually perform admirably with what little script has to offer, with Larroquette’s straight face comedic acting being the only delightful aspect here.

80s-o-meter: 82%

Total: 28%