#928 No Man’s Land (1987)

As Benjy, an undercover cop inadvertently gets involved with a criminal in a much deeper level than he originally bargained for, it’s clear that No Man’s Land is going to be the kind of a thriller that’s going to be asking some profound questions about morals.

What makes it all much more interesting is that it isn’t the lavish lifestyle that ends up seducing Benjy, but the bromance with the charismatic ringleader that soon turns into a full fledged friendship.

Lastly, it’s the performances of both D.B. Sweeney and Charlie Sheen that really make the movie click, with Sweeney playing the rookie cop way out of his head to an absolute perfection and Sheen crafting a very believable enigma wrapped in a riddle character accustomed to relying on his natural charm.

80s-o-meter: 92%

Total: 86%