#872 The Island (1980)

The movie that Michael Caine still refuses to talk about? Color me interested!

The Island started surprisingly strong with a truly eery horror bit that totally caught me by surprise and showed a lot of promise. But it was after Caine and his son were attacked and the pirates appear that the movie went to the shitter. The plot twist is kindly put idiotic, rivalled only by the pirates’ witty plan to make him a stand-in stud for a widow. The pirates themselves are appalling, making watching every scene they’re in like chewing a tin foil — and they’re in pretty much in all of the scenes.

So the movie is horrid, but the exotic location and sense of adventure keep it from sinking totally. There is a decent amount of suspense towards the ending, coupled with one of the most rewarding payback scenes ever recorded.

80s-o-meter: 27%

Total: 32%