#787 The Bedroom Window (1987)

Steve Guttenberg, one of the top-billing comedians of the 80s dips his toes into lighthearted psychological thriller in The Bedroom Window.

What we have here is a nice little movie about getting tangled up in a complicated web of lies. Thanks to the smart writing and directing the lie-to-get-out-of-a-lie decisions characters often decide take feel very humane and relatable. It’s also very likely that the team was very aware of the lead actor’s heavy comedic legacy and utilised it to their advantage here: We witness Guttenberg holding up his trademark boyish smirk that got him out of all sorts of trouble in Police Academy, but also as it finally starts to fade out as the gravity of the situation starts to sink in.

Worth mentioning is also the cross examination scene, so well choreographed and played out by the always great Wallace Shawn that we can’t but laugh along the rest of the courtroom – all while witnessing our protagonist getting his hide nailed to a wall.

80s-o-meter: 84%

Total: 86%