#952 Halloween 2018: Scarecrows (1988)

Scarecrows starts off with a bang as we cut to an aeroplane that’s been hijacked by mercenaries, and one of them betrays the others and jumps out of the plane with all their loot. The others perform an emergency landing and before too long they find themselves in a remote farmhouse surrounded by scarecrows that aren’t too welcoming for the trespassers.

Killer scarecrows is a delicate subject that could go very easily wrong. Luckily the movie manages to make its antagonists fierce and eery enough to convey the presence of the evil lurking outside the cabin. Despite the short running length of the movie, I applaud the team for not prolonging scenes or adding elements of some magical mumbo jumbo in the mix, which keeps the action of the movie well paced.

Scarecrows was a pleasant surprise, a tight shoelace budgeted direct to VHS gem that manages to look good and better many of the multi-million theatrical releases.

80s-o-meter: 89%

Total: 78%