#56 Inseminoid aka Horror Planet (1981)

As this blog is generally about american movies of the eighties, I usually steer away from british and australian films – they sometimes get some things right mimicking the Hollywood style, but usually lack that certain magic. But as rules are meant to be broken, and being the nice guy that I am, I sometimes give some titles that sound or look interesting enough a benefit of a doubt. Plus, I’m a sucker for almost all the eighties scifi!

Inseminoid is a british scifi horror movie taking place in a mining planet far away in the space. Except that it don’t feel like it. It feels like it’s shot in a mine and a studio right here on earth and never manages to establish that feeling of an exotic planet.

The plot heavily rips off Alien that came our only two years before, taking the action from a space ship to a planet. The crew members find some alien crystals, one of the women gets raped by a creature, turns into a crazed killer and from thereon it goes pretty much like you’d except with no plot twists worth mentioning.

Everything in the movie has that low production value feel to it, computers look like painted cardboard boxes, film crew’s shadow can be accidentally seen in various scenes and the dialogue and acting is horrid. The film hasn’t really hasn’t aged well at all, and looks much more outdated than the older Alien movie. The overall look and feel has that quality to it that if the dialogue was in some slavic language, this one would easily pass as some sort of eastern Europe scifi knock-off.

On top of it all, many scenes are very needlessly prolonged, in an attempt to reach that needed hour and 30 minutes runtime.

It does have some strange charm to it, but it’s finally ruined by the fact that it’s just plain boring to watch. And even though the kitsch factor is high here, I can’t see myself recommending this movie to anyone.

80s-o-meter: 54%

Total: 23%


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