#818 Promised Land (1987)

Apparently based on real life events that took place in some small town in the states, Promised Land is a movie about our dreams and expectations, and how they can sometimes turn to the proverbial shoe that just doesn’t fit anymore.

Following a few teenagers that grow into the adulthood, the movie is riddled with symbolism that often borderlines artsy: Ticking clocks, stolen watches, angel statues and gifted book with blank pages. The symbolism works the when its encapsulated in to the sceneries of the movie, showing Davey stuck as a sheriff in his home town, filled slush, and Danny cruising along the beautiful, vast landscapes of Nevada desert.

Although Promised Land misses some of the many notes it tries to hit, its courage to try out something a little off the beaten path is a valiant effort, and manages to leave some food for a thought.

80s-o-meter: 73%

Total: 70%