#804 Foxes (1980)

Foxes makes an attempt to document the live of suburban teenagers of the late 70s – early 80s, and as such the movie succeeds. The themes like sex, parties, drugs and the rough transformation to the world of grown ups get handled in a realistic fashion and the movie never takes a condescending tone.

Beneath this the movie is almost void of real depth and substance. Somewhat random scenes come and go and the obvious buildup towards the end made me wish the writer would’ve have some aces hidden up his sleeve. Woefully this is not the case here, and the ultimate tearjerker scene feels downright banal.

There are some high points to the movie though. The movie marks a turning point for Jodie Foster to adult roles and her solid performance makes it pretty obvious she was destined to greatness. Then there’s the soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder, which features Donna Summer’s song ’On the Radio’ and its many arrangements as a recurring motif. Despite the lack of real depth, the movie does flow through nicely and watching it doesn’t feel tiresome at all.

The movie serves the best as a time vessel for those who lived their youth during the era – or for the fans of Jodie Foster wishing to check out her early work.

80s-o-meter: 55%

Total: 62%