#703 Fire with Fire (1986)

Fire with Fire plays like a teenager’s angst filled poem: Melodramatic, pretentious and theatrical, but also kind of disarming in its clumsy sincerity. It’s very much a collection of clichés with its tale of forbidden love between two youngsters, one of them confined to a strict Catholic girls school, and the other, a misunderstood juvenile delinquent closed to a nearby prison camp to a mercy of a sadistic ward.

The catholic school girls are hot, and the prisoners and young and wild hunks with white teeth, ripped abs and clean cut hair. It all feels so plastic and artificial that nothing in Fire with Fire feels that leaves a lasting impression, even if the overall tone is so overdramatic; it feels like watching a 90 minute long music video with lots of style over substance.

By the way, if the beautiful forest scenery of the British Columbia seen in the movie rings a bell, here’s why: It’s the very same location seen in Rambo: First Blood.

To me Fire with Fire was a ’meh’ kind of disappointment, but it’s also one of those movies that’s so over the edge and cheesy it’s very likely someone else’s guilty pleasure.

Just not mine.

80s-o-meter: 89%

Total: 43%