#677 Revolution (1985)

Revolution is an interesting story, done with top notch set design, acted unevenly and told in an yawn-breakingly boring fashion.

This UK production’s biggest star Al Pacino is a mixed bag here. Somehow most of the time looking either lost or the odd one out as he runs across the hordes of people like some 19th century Rambo, Pacino’s acting chops are finally redeemed in the scenes together with his son he’s afraid to lose. These father-son moments are by far the most powerful aspect of the movie that could’ve made the movie much more interesting if explored even further.

Instead we get tons of epic scenes of grandeur one after another that somehow leave no lasting impact.

Revolution is nowhere nearly as terrible movie as most reviews suggest, but it’s clear that the vision was lost at some point of the production.

80s-o-meter: 31%

Total: 61%