#671 The Stunt Man (1980)

Although this blog is all about movies of the 80s, I do have to admit many of the early films of the era don’t tickle my fancy too much as their roots are clearly more in the seventies than the eighties. Same pretty much goes for this one; it has that poor seventies movie making style written all over it.

The Stunt Man tells a story about a fugitive at large who gets hired by a director who is making what seems like the worst movie ever about WW2. Far too long scenes about making the movie are meant to be an impressive look behind the magic of making movies, but in 2017, there’s really nothing here that’d astonish anyone.

While the original movie-within-a-movie idea with the director and the stunt man playing mind games is somewhat fresh, it’s the overall poor execution here that renders it all very tedious and tiresome to watch.

80s-o-meter: 0%

Total: 32%


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