#915 Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin (1983)

Cheech & Chong, the comedy duo hit it big with their pot-head 1978 film debut Up in Smoke, and managed to release three more box office hits in the following years until hitting a brick wall with Still Smokin, a haphazardly tossed off sorry excuse for a movie that marked the downfall of the duet, followed by even bigger stinkers like The Corsican Brothers.

In Still Smokin the two travel over to Amsterdam for a film festival, where they start getting ready for a gala and shoot a number of small skits, from which the movie is then stitched together with. The last 25 minutes of the so called movie consists of a footage of their actual live stage act, which translates for the big screen even worse than the earlier skits.

There isn’t much good in this pile of leftovers, but just maybe a good lesson to be learned: Sometimes it’s just good to quit while you’re ahead.

80s-o-meter: 71%

Total: 7%