#676 In God We Tru$t (1980)

Straight out of Mel Brooks’ school of comedy comes out In God We Tru$t, a Marty Feldman’s solo project that he both wrote, directed and plays the lead role in.

The overall feeling of the movie is very mid-70s both in its gags and the cinematography. In other words, stuffy. The movie aims its taunt at the TV evangelists who monetise on the religion. Andy Kaufman is seen in the role of Armageddon T. Thunderbird, but instead of en evangelist, he seems to play himself in a silly wig instead.

There are funny gags here, some of which are genuinely original as well. But those few chuckle worthy moments simply don’t make a good movie.

80s-o-meter: 27%

Total: 42%