#656 How I Got Into College (1989)

Boasting what could only be described as the ugliest movie poster of the 80, How I Got Into College fortunately fares better as a movie.

A lot better, as a matter infact.

Directed by Savage Steve Holland, the movies real charm is in its quirky humour that is not unlike in his former comedy Better Off Dead, but this time around working much more sophisticated way that doesn’t feel detached or interfere with the pacing of the movie. The movie stars off great, but some of that superb initial momentum is lost as the events unravel and the movie turns into a more generic 80s teen comedy. Still good and enjoyable, but less unique and memorable.

When How I Got Into College wishes to be funny, it succeeds – and that’s what counts. Just don’t let that poster fool you!

80s-o-meter: 86%

Total: 84%