#1869 Smorgasbord aka Cracking Up (1986)

Before Jim Carrey’s rise to fame, I often heard comparisons how Jerry Lewis was the true monarch of physical comedy. Upon watching some of Lewis’ work online, however, I remained unconvinced and thus was not particularly eager to delve into his comedies from the 1980s.

As it turned out, my experience with Smorgasbord (or Cracking Up as it’s more widely known) was even more disappointing than anticipated. The film showcases Lewis in a series of physical mishaps, including a prolonged scene where he comically struggles to get up on a sofa, occupying what feels like most of the movie’s running time.

The remainder of the film is peppered with disjointed, lackluster gags that seem to bear no relevance to the overarching narrative.

80s-o-meter: 60%

Total: 7%