#10 Blind Date (1987)

Things we’re really looking up when I purchased this one, it’s the first big feature film for Bruce Willis, one of my favourite actors to date. Judging by the cover it seemed like easy to watch little comedy in a true 80’s style.

Nnnope. It’s a total train wreck.

Walter Davis (Bruce Willis) is a workaholic that’s missing on life, women and opportunities. He then meets Nadia Gates (Kim Basinger) who turns into total douche when drinking even a little. Needless to say, she then takes a small sip of champagne on their date and pretty much everything goes deep downhill from there on for Davis. We go from a random mishap to another and it soon dawns that none of the stuff happening on screen makes any sense.

I get the whole Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde thing that Kim Basinger portrays with the alcohol, but not once does it feel like anything but bad acting or make for a funny situation. The chemistry never works between the two actors and both remain unlikeable until the very end. Other characters included are Davis’ unlikeable co-workers, his unlikeable brother, unlikeable waiter, unlikeable Japanese business men and a unlikeable judge. Through the movie Davis and Gates are chased around by Nadia’s very unlikeable ex boyfriend who tries to kill them.

In the end, after wrecking his car, getting him beat up, arrested, sued and fired, Davis miraculously finds his true passion in guitar playing again and fall is love with Nadia, who meanwhile is so out of touch with reality she’s marrying his crazy ex whom she hates. Davis finally saves the day in a plot that includes getting Nadia drunk once again.

See, told you it was a stinker.

80s-o-meter: 85%

Total: 28%


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