#933 Certain Fury (1985)

Certain Fury certainly starts strong with one of the most violent courthouse shootout scenes I’ve seen. And the following sewage fleeing scene doesn’t fall far behind, keeping me on the very edge of my seat.

But it’s soon afterwards that it turns out all the action has been just some bells and whistles to disguise the fact that Certain Fury is nothing but a hollow shell of a movie. This comes more apparent as the movie reaches the one hour mark without anything of interest taking place. In the following last action scene of the movie it becomes quite clear that the lead actress Tatum O’Neal is no Sigourney Weaver what it comes to being an action star.

Certain Fury misses its chance of becoming Thelma & Louise before Thelma and Louise by failing to connect with the viewers between the action scenes. The ending scene furthermore underlines the essence the movie: Going fast, totally without aim.

80s-o-meter: 87%

Total: 52%