#725 Malone (1987)

If there was a word for a movie that is totally insignificant, forgettable and generic, but still somehow strangely entertaining, Malone would fit that bill perfectly. Offering next to nothing that would differentiate this movie from your average weekend VHS action movie rental, you’d be hard pressed trying to find someone that actually remembers this movie. In fact, I might totally forget the plot line just in the following few days.

Now at 50, Burt Reynolds has gained some charism and I much prefer his well composed, calm style here to the 70s smirky, all-eyes-on-me one. Here he plays a mysterious ex-cia agent without a past who stumbles upon a small gas station and finds himself in a brawl against the henchmen of a local businessman who’s got the town and its authorities in his pocket.

Malone plays like a good, entertaining paperback that presses most of the right buttons – but is never interested in finding out what all those other levers and switches do.

80s-o-meter: 76%

Total: 78%