#944 Halloween 2018: The Zero Boys (1986)

Made as late is in 1986 when the slashers were already badly outdated, Zero Boys tries to pass itself as an action movie by throwing in a few guns for the teens to shoot around with. But make no mistake, this is very much your basic slasher that does only a little to add anything new to the old formula.

In fact; as a slasher Zero Boys is subpar as it totally lacks the imaginative killings or memorable antagonists that make the best of the genre the best.

Production quality is a step up from its early 80s rivals, but that will only take it so far. Starting semi-strong with an interesting setup, Zero Boys takes several steps for the worse until turning into totally irrelevant mess in the second half, and falls short both as an horror movie or a convincing action film.

80s-o-meter: 89%

Total: 38%