#568 Halloween 5 (1989)

The last Halloween movie of the eighties is a notable step down from its predecessors towards total mediocrity.

Without its masked antagonist going around killing teens and Loomis running behind him Halloween 5 could be almost any other run of the mill slasher of the era. Elements that have worked in the past have been changed to more mediocre ones; Instead of relying on his trademark kitchen knife, Michael Myers now mostly drives around instead trying to bump into people, and the Carpenter’s original moody theme song has gone through a rearrangement that makes it less moody and menacing.

Slashers had already gone out of style by the late 80s, or taken some well needed evolutionary steps. Meanwhile, Halloween 5 just concentrates on milking out one more movie out of the already totally dried out series.

80s-o-meter: 85%

Total: 48%


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