#960 Halloween 2018: Psycho III (1986)

Directed by Anthony Perkins himself this time, Psycho III makes for the second and the last Psycho sequel of the decade.

Psycho III is even more 80s than its predecessor – at the times outrageously so. The colour schemes and wacky characters are crafted in a way that makes the whole movie feel more fictive and movie like which once again helps the sequel differentiate itself from the previous one. As a director Perkins show a lot of prowess and many of the scenes noticeable well planned and timed to perfection. Perkins also knows his character better than anyone else by now and gets inside the psyche and nuances of this character better than any Psycho movie so far.

As movies the second and third part are pretty much on par, but the third installation takes the lead what it comes to providing some pure horror in 80s style.

80s-o-meter: 87%

Total: 83%