#801 Lady in White (1988)

An indie spooky story, Lady in White is the kind of underdog movie you’d hope to be really good, but woefully its flaws ultimately outweight the positives.

The movie is much too slow paced and neither the effects or the ghost seem convincing, yet still the movie chooses to showcase both for even minutes at the time. Both the flashback narrative and the 60s social commentary of the racism just don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the movie, and leaving those along some other bits to the cutting room floor would’ve made the viewing a much tighter experience.

Lukas Haas is a natural in the lead role and I really digged the attempt to build a solid ghost story instead of just your typical slasher or a jump scare horror movie.

Although the movie wasn’t the buried treasure I was hoping for, I do recognise the aspects that have made it a favorite to so many so I still recommend people to check it out if the synopsis raises any kind of curiosity.

80s-o-meter: 50%

Total: 60%