#759 Halloween 2017: Transformations aka Alien Transformations (1988)

By pure coincidence, Transformations is the second movie in a row featuring a succubus in its story. While in Deadly Blessing we heard warnings about such demonic spirit, here we actually see one taking a female form to infect a lonely space traveller with a deadly disease, who then goes on to cause an epidemy on a distant mining colony located somewhere in the outer edges of the galaxy.

As a result of mediocre cinematography and set design Transformations can never establish the outer space planetary location and shake off its strong shot-in-a-studio look and feel, which brings the experience down quite a bit. That – coupled with the camera zoom-ins and subpar acting – make the overall experience clumsy, but not quite enough to warrant involuntary, campy humour.

The movie does has a very admirable underdog tone to it that kept me rooting for it for quite a while. Unfortunately there is no actual payoff here, and the end of the movie is just as lukewarm as the movie itself.

80s-o-meter: 65%

Total: 52%