#651 The Forest (1982)

If you’re looking for a cult movie, you’ve got one right here.

Shot and produced by a team of unemployed film makers, the beauty of The Forest is the way it’s so adorably clumsy and yet done with such a sincerity. It’s one of those movies where you are never quite sure if the movie was done with tongue in cheek, or if they were seriously thinking they had a good thing going on here. As it turns out watching the ’making of’ not only they were dead serious, but the director ended up losing his mortgaged house because he really believed in this movie. Ouch.

Whether you get your kicks off a movie like this boils down to your personal taste for bad movies – and probably what you had in your pipe today.

As far as bad movies go, this is definitely one of those so bad it’s good kind of films, but be advised that its value is very limited for any other kind of consumption.

80s-o-meter: 43%

Total: 17%