#42 Creepshow 2 (1987)

The sequel to the 1982 original kicks off with ’Old Chief Wood’nhead’, a tale of and old wooden statue waking up to have a revenge. Concept and scares wise it’s the weakest short story of the bunch, but it’s sure good to see George Kennedy getting back to higher quality productions after his weak start to the 80s.

Following up is ’The Raft’, which is a treat. It’s exactly the kind of horror story that would’ve failed as a whole movie, but works perfectly as a short story in an anthology like this.

The last one, ’The Hitchhiker’ is what the nightmares are made of, and I have to applaud the way the whole gore puppetry thing has been taken to comedic levels towards the end. Good stuff!

Overall, Creepshow 2 bests its predecessor and as an horror anthology, it’s the very best that 80s has to offer.

80s-o-meter: 78%

Total: 86%