#416 The Horror Show (1989)

Marketed outside USA as the third sequel to the House series, The Horror Show has actually nothing to do with the previous two movies so I will leave out the comparisons.

Although, one comparison has to be made. If House and House II didn’t go all in with their concept, The Horror Show really goes overboard in every possible way and keeps the pedal to the medal until the end mixing elements from various movies into one absurd hodgepodge.

This is one of those so bad it’s good movies. From the hilariously bad script that doesn’t even start to make any sense, to the dream sections with Jenke’s constant nasal laughter and from cut off exploding heads to the protagonist actually beating up a heater in the basement being possessed by the baddie, The Horror Show is a turkey caught in a train wreck that just goes on for an hour and a half. But, it’s an entertaining kind of train wreck.

Just be sure to leave your brain at the door.


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