#140 Nightflyers (1987)

Based on a novel by now world famous George R. R. Martin, Nightflyers has a lot going for it: A nice poster, a really solid set design, well executed special effects and an atmospheric soundtrack.

Too bad something went very wrong along the way. In fact, things went south so badly that when the movie was released, the director Robert Collector (Red Heat, Memoirs of an Invisible Man) opted to use a pseudonym instead of his own name.

And bad it is: 30 minutes into the movie it becomes painfully obvious the only event worth looking forward here are the end credits.

There aren’t many reasons to bother with Nightflyers. If I was really pushed to come up with one, it does feature the notorious 80s baddie Michael Des Barres (Murdoc of the MacGyver fame) in one his rare eighties feature film roles.

80s-o-meter: 77%

Total: 28%


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