#995 Less Than Zero (1987)

Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr and James Spader – the top talent of the era – join together in Less Than Zero, a somewhat plasticky, superficial take on the late 80s decadent lifestyle of the filthy rich.

The problem is that most of the movie’s runtime is used on just chasing after the main character on a drug hook, who just seems to get in a trouble time after another. The movie never has enough time to truly examine the ins and outs of being an addict, but offers a superficial, stylised take on the subject that has less depth than your average music video. Robert Downey Jr who is mostly irritating in most of his 80s roles is somewhat tiring also here, but already gives a glimpse into the future for the things to come with his raw portrayal of a remorseful addict on a withdrawal.

A pompous, melodramatic and wonderfully 80s take on the poor rich kids on cocaine, Less Than Zero is very recommendable as a study of the era, not so much as a serious drama film.

80s-o-meter: 92%

Total: 61%