#979 Stealing Home (1988)

Stealing Home takes place on two timelines: The present where a washed-up baseball player is put in charge of the cremated remains of Katie, his long lost childhood love, and the in flashbacks from the past when she was still alive and he very much in love with her.

Mark Harmon doesn’t quite cut it as the disheartened alcoholic as he manages to look clean cut even with a stub and a bottle of whisky in his hand. I do applaud the movie in the way it handles the romance, lost love and death as a drama without being your typical marketing team driven chick flick (sic). This uncalculating approach is probably the reason why it didn’t fare that well at the box office.

Jodie Foster is always a treat to watch on the silver screen, and Stealing Home makes no exception. Her effortless and natural depiction of Katie manages to put a lot of flesh on the bone of the multi-layered, mysterious character that is no more. And I’m sure many of us viewers have no problem sharing the crush Billy has on her.

80s-o-meter: 72%

Total: 77%