#936 Vision Quest aka Crazy for You (1985)

First of all, it has to be noted that despite its sci-fey name, Vision Quest is a coming-of-age sports movie and the cliches of the genre go with it; a story of rising up to a challenge, overcoming the odds and the inevitable showdown are all there. But like any above average movie of the genre, the sports is just a framework and the real focus here is in the human interest.

Louden is a a sympathetic but naive high school wrestler surrounded by some interesting, well written, 3-dimensional characters who share his journey in becoming the champion in a lower weight class. And in their way, all these people are more interesting than Louden himself: His kind but righteous all-American father, his co-worker Elmo who takes Louden on arm wrestling challenges and lives the dream of the victory through him, his mate Kuch who stands up for him even at the cost of his own wrestling career, his english teacher Tanneran who’s tightroping between being a teacher, confidant and a rival, and lastly the gorgeous Carla who’s standing at a crossroad in her life when their paths cross by a passing chance.

A notable trivia to mention about the movie is that it was shot already in 1983 with the young Madonna making a brief appearance as a singer in a local bar. As the fame of Madonna soon skyrocketed, the movie was rebranded as ’Crazy For You’ in an effort to piggyback the movie in the success of the song.

80s-o-meter: 84%

Total: 81%