#841 Iceman (1984)

Iceman begins when a group of explorers in a isolated research facility somewhere deep in the arctic region stumble across an old life form trapped in a block of ice that is then transported to the base for a closer inspection. The setup reminds me very closely of that of The Thing, and I loved it to bits!

Soon after the iceman wakes up from his frozen state our protagonist-anthropologist finds out that he is able to communicate with him, and begins to form a meaningful relationship with him that soon makes it hard for him to treat the prehistoric man as just a scientific specimen.

John Lone does an extraordinary job in his humane portrayal of the almost mute iceman, a role that could very easy turn into unintentionally comical or an uninspired ape imitation.

The movie feels cut short and ends before we really get into the most interesting parts like exploring the true innings of the iceman, moral of the science and the essence of humanity. A miniseries might’ve been a more suitable format for subject this interesting.

80s-o-meter: 70%

Total: 81%