#836 Prizzi’s Honor (1985)

A mob movie for people who don’t necessarily care for them, Prizzi’s Honor toys with the clichés of the genre. The lampooning alone would get tiresome after awhile, but luckily the smartly written script makes it for a refreshingly unique dark comedy.

The combination of Jack Nicholson with the Brooklyn accent is comical – probably even more than the production team intended to. Still, it’s good to see Nicholson breaking away from his usual acting patterns. Kathleen Turner is presented as the co-star of the show, but her screen time is unfortunately very limited, which leaves her character a bit too distant to the viewer.

I never was a fan of mob movies, and there’s nothing substantial enough in Prizzi’s Honor to change that. But it is one of the rare movies in the genre I might consider watching again at some point.

80s-o-meter: 72%

Total: 71%