#834 Prince of the City (1981)

Based on a book by Robert Daley about Bob Leuci, a New York cop who cooperated with the 1971 investigation of police corruption, Prince of the City is a grippingly lifelike depiction of the law enforcers so knee deep in the business it’s often hard to tell between a policeman and a gangster.

Treat Williams shows tremendous talent as the crooked detective rubbing elbows with the mob, caught in a dead end where the only alternative remains having to betray his partners. It’s his spiralling from a big player to a complete wreck that really makes the movie.

Clocking a whopping 167 minutes, I was happy to find out the movie doesn’t feel any more taxing to watch than your usual 90 minuter, and the length is completely justified as it really adds a lot of depth to the storytelling.

80s-o-meter: 78%

Total: 87%