#694 Nightfall (1988)

Based on Isaac Asimov’s classic short story of the same name, Nightfall is a pretentious and pompous scifi movie that somehow feels a bit like an hour long episode of some new age soap opera. It starts without an actual beginning, continues with a crawling pace without much development and terminates as suddenly as it started.

There’s plenty of terms, customs and connotations we are somehow expected to be aware of when we probably wouldn’t be interested in them even if we had the movie explain them to us.

If you disliked Dune, you’ll absolutely loathe Nightfall.

This is definitely not a good kind of bad movie, or something that could be dubbed a guilty pleasure. Unlike some other scifi turkeys, Nightfall enjoys absolutely no cult following of any sort – a rare feat for a bad scifi movie of this epic proportions.

80s-o-meter: 30%

Total: 21%