#688 The Boost (1988)

I’ve mixed feelings about The Boost. On the other hand it’s a pretty interesting and lifelike depiction of living on a fast lane and snorting some speed to keep you going – but in the end there’s just too little going on here besides the drug theme.

Similarly to many other movies based on a book, The Boost suffers from sped up pacing while trying to shoehorn everything in the 90 minutes running time. The events, people – even years – come and go and never hang around long enough to leave a lasting impression. Some abridging and additional screenwriting would’ve done this movie a lot of good.

James Woods’ on the edge act is spot on, and watching him walking around the screen like a ticking human time bomb suits the movie perfectly, and makes one feel uneasy in a good kind of way.

The Boost’s angle is a bit off and as it is, it feels too much like a paid public service announcement constantly shaking its finger at the viewer. There are other movies about drugs – and the dangers within – that have done all this in a much more subtle, yet more powerful way.

80s-o-meter: 88%

Total: 64%