#699 Cutter’s Way aka Cutter and Bone (1981)

Cutter’s Way is an unique experience, an interesting and stylish character study of two very different kind of men driven by an unsolved murder case. We’re presented with Richard Bone who confidently trusts his charm will see him through whatever life throws his way, and a vietnam vet Alex Cutter who links around with his crippled leg, spewing guilt and grudge around wherever he goes.

It takes the movie a good while to progress with Cutter being the ignitive catalyst and Bone who tries to weasel his way out of any kind of decision making concerning his life – or the others’. All the waiting and buildup pay off as it makes the final point of no return feel impactful in a palm-sweatting kind of way.

John Heard as the unrelenting Cutter and Jeff Bridges as the anti hero hunk of meat are both a treat to watch and play their parts to the perfection. Originally unsuccessfully launched in the US as ’Bone and Cutter’, the movie never quite gained the recognition it should’ve.

80s-o-meter: 70%

Total: 84%