#1866 The Lonely Lady (1983)

Right off the bat you can tell you’re not going to be in for a milestone of a cinema history when a movie describes itself as sensual.

Starring Pia Zadora in one of her Bo Derek like roles, The Lonely Lady tells a story of a young woman wanting to start a career as a screen writer who is struggling in a field run by misogynist men – which is not a bad topic for a movie to tackle.

Too bad the movie is a weak attempt at the topic with no depth written into the characters. The main character makes one bad personal choice after another, changing men who are affectionate at first, but then turn into monsters overnight without any context or explanation. The moments in between these are sprinkled with Zadora’s nude scenes for that advertised sensuality.

80s-o-meter: 75%

Total: 21%