#13 The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)

Here’s a movie that could’ve been done only in the eighties. That’s a compliment right there.

The Legend of Billie Jean tells a story of a teenage girl who finds himself at large from police after trying to stand up for his younger brother. It’s a story of injustice, friendship, coming of age and making right what has been done wrong.

It surprising how badly this one was received when it first came out as it is heads and shoulders above other most of the other teen movies of the era with its strong woman character, feminist undertone and suggestions about how media manipulates people. It also deals with how being a teen, woman and from the wrong side of the track subjects you to prejudice that is hard to shake off.

It does all but while being also entertaining and beautiful to watch. Misunderstood at its time, it has later gained a strong cult following, as it damn well should!

Young Christian Slater plays Binx, Billies younger brother in his film debut. Notable of the other characters is foul-mouthed Putter, played by Yeardley Smith who would later go on to perform over 20 years as Lisa Simpson. And yes, she sounds just like Lisa here as well.

The soundtrack is top notch too, featuring Pat Benatar, Divinyls and Billy Idol and fits the movie perfectly.

80s-o-meter: 100%

Total: 98%


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