#1229 Ragtime (1981)

My general dislike for period pictures is surely well known for anyone who has visited the site often: I often find them either unjustified, needless nostalgia trips, or overly pretentious, especially the ones depicting the pre-WW2 era. Ragtime has all the warning signs all over it it – starting with its name – and begins as a snore fest. But as soon as the violent events start to unravel, I knew this wasn’t going to be your average period picture.

After introducing an interesting array of upper class white characters Ragtime concentrates on telling a story of a black piano player who gets vengeful after denied justice after getting insulted and harassed by racist voluntary firemen, and starts a crusade that very soon escalates out of hand.

The director Miloš Forman released only two Hollywood titles during the 80s, and while Ragtime doesn’t quite reach the grandness of Amadeus, it’s still very much a triumph of a movie.

80s-o-meter: 3%

Total: 91%