#474 It’s Called Murder, Baby (1982)

Here’s an interesting one: It’s Called Murder, Baby is a R-rated cut of a X-Rated adult film called Dixie Ray Hollywood Star. Shot on a film, the movie is somewhat of a big production for a porn movie that was written and shot in a way that it could be edited to resemble a real movie.

In all the honesty, it’d be kind of a poor production for an actual film, but considering its origins, it does much better than anticipated. The acting is not actually that bad at all, and much of the fun watching the movie is spotting where the raunchy material was cut off. If this was a black & white film, it would blend in to the dozens of low end film noir detective movies of the 40s and 50s.

It’s Called a Murder, Baby isn’t a movie to watch for its plot but its novelty factor. Strictly from the movie review stand point it cannot really be recommended, but it has to be said it fairs better than some real films with ten times the budget.

80s-o-meter: 24%

Total: 21%