#909 Three Men and a Baby (1987)

Let’s gather up three hot top list Hollywood male actors and make them go sickly sweet trying to cope with a baby in a clumsy fashion; this has been my presumption on Three Men and a Baby, and the very reason I’ve been steering away from it for the last 30 or so years.

But, I was wrong. What we have here is a terrific, smartly written and savvily directed comedy with a big heart and many laughs. After the woefully sluggish start depicting the swinging lifestyle of the three bachelors the movie really picks up as the baby arrives. Sure, there are some syrupy moments here, but Leonard Nimoy very smartly directs away from the most obvious clichés.

Three Men and a Baby was a huge box office hit and ended up the biggest grossing movie of 1987 – and not undeservedly so.

But I still do loathe the poster.

80s-o-meter: 91%

Total: 92%